5th FEBRUARY 2020



The 10ICI is the 10th International Conference on Isotopes hosted by Malaysian Radiation Protection Association (MARPA) and Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) at the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur.  This internationally renowned conference offers an opportunity to connect and form collaborations with researchers, academics, practitioners and the educational technology industry.

 The 10ICI conference program contains a mix of conference, social events and demonstrations of leading education innovations. Enjoy a conference experience in technologically enhanced classrooms, as well as traditional discussions and face-to-face events to initiate the collaboration of tomorrow.

1.Student Mini ConferenceTheme: Nurturing STEM Awareness in Nuclear Isotopes
The theme for 10ICI Student Mini-Conference, Nurturing STEM Awareness in Nuclear Isotopes. This vision captures the infinite possibilities when considering creativity, innovation, practice and research in the use of nuclear technologies in tertiary education.


 We invite conceptual, applied and theoretical research contributions on the following tracks:

Oral Presentation
Streams of Oral Presentation;

  • Medical Isotopes
  • Industry Isotopes
  • Environment Isotopes
  • Food/Agriculture Isotopes

Poster Presentation
Streams of Oral Presentation;

  • Medical Isotopes
  • Industry Isotopes
  • Environment Isotopes
  • Food/Agriculture Isotopes

Student Creativity, Invention and Innovation Competition
This tracks looks at the idea of strengthening the spirit of researchers and innovation among students by demonstrate the results of research and innovations.  Raising/nurturing the nation’s innovation culture by producing new research talents and also to create space for new innovators and visitors to exchange opinions and views on innovation results.  

Streams of Student Creativity, Invention and Innovation Competition;

  • Medical Isotopes
  • Industry Isotopes
  • Environment Isotopes
  • Food/Agriculture Isotopes 

Competition Rules & Regulations 

  • Project must be in accordance with the theme of the competition.
  • The Idea of the project must be original and not plagiarism.
  • Supporting tools for presentation are allowed with any other materials.
  • Adaptation of improving existing products can be accepted as long as the improvement is totally new.

The idea of the project must be original and never commercialized, displayed or forwarded to manufacturing sector.

Students who have shown remarkable and outstanding presentation in his/her ideas of researches, creativity, invention and innovation will receive recognition as follows;

  • Best Oral Presentation Awards
  • Best Poster Presentation Awards
  • Best Creativity, Invention and Innovation Awards

4.Submissions for 10ICI Student Mini Conference

Formatting: For the main text of your submission, please use:

  •  TimesNew Roman 10 pt. font, black
  •  Singleline spacing
  •  APA 6th stylefor referencing

File Types: Submissions can be made in Microsoft Word, RT or OpenOffice Document file format, but must preserve the table at the top of the submission template.

 Registration: Submitters agree that if their work if accepted, at least one author will register during the registration period and present the accepted work at 10ICI Student Mini-Conference.

 5.Submission Options

Full Papers (Maximum 10 pages): Feature significant theoretical reviews, research studies in areas of nuclear related technology.  Full Paper submissions are a maximum of 10 pages, including references.

6.Submission Procedure

All submissions must be made via this webpage.  The deadline for all submissions is midnight on Friday

July 13 2018 (AEST).


RM50 are charged for each participation to cover tea breaks, lunch and miscellaneous items.