Supporting Organisations

Hong Kong Association of Medical Physics (HKAMP) is the organization in Hong Kong devoted exclusively to the improvement of public health by maintaining the professional standards and promoting the advancement of the practice of Medical Physics. It organizes professional activities and maintains an IMPCB-accredited Medical Physicists certification system in Hong Kong. HKAMP also collaborates with physicians and other medical organizations. Established in 1985, HKAMP is an independent non-profit-making professional organization that represents medical physicists in complex health care issues.
The Malaysian Institute of Physics (Institut Fizik Malaysia or IFM) is the sole representative body for physicists and for those involved in the practice of physics or physics related work in this country.

The objectives of the Institute include:

  • Promotion of activities leading to the advancement of physics,
  • Create avenues for cooperation in the fields of physics education, training, and practice, and
  • Elevation of the professional status of physicists.

IFM organises conferences, seminars, courses, workshops and meetings on issues which are not only of current interest to physicists, but also on issues which highlight the important role of physicists in the country’s development.

The National Physics Conference (PERFIK) is held once every two years. Here physicists meet to discuss issues pertaining to the many areas of physics. International and regional meetings are also organised. Special courses and workshops are held from time to time, e.g. courses on lasers, plasmas, computational physics, etc.

The Institute publishes a yearly journal (JURNAL FIZIK MALAYSIA) to report up-to-date research findings in physics. A newsletter (BERITA FIZIK) is published to report current and future activities of the institute.