Bid For 11ICI

The International Conference on Isotopes (ICI), held every three years at venues around the world, provides a platform for the exchange and discussion of scientific and technical information among a broad range of isotope stakeholders.

The World Council on Isotopes (WCI) is now calling for bids from organizations willing to host the 11th International Conference on Isotopes (11ICI), due to be held in 2022. The successful bid for 10ICI will be announced at the end of the 10th ICI (03-07 February 2020) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (

The deadline for submission of bids is 31 October 2019

Bids in writing should address the following:

  1. Venue: Suggest the planned location for the event. The venue should be easily accessible through a major international airport, with suitable connections to local transport infrastructure.
  2. Accommodation: A range of reasonably priced accommodation should be available in close proximity to the venue.
  3. International access: It is essential that all nationalities are permitted to enter the host country, and can obtain any required visas and travel documents in a timely fashion
  4. Budget: Outline a reasonably accurate budget, including details of proposed registration fees, items to be covered by the registration fees and anticipated costs for production of conference materials.
  5. Sponsorship: Describe the extent of anticipated sponsorships by funding agencies and the private sector, specifying any contacts that have already been made.
  6. Scientific program: Outline the foreseen sessions, including plenary sessions and panel discussions that would address the interests of a diverse array of researchers, business people, educators and policy makers.
  7. Publication plan: Describe the media to be used and the broad timelines to promote the conference, communicate with participants and disseminate the outcomes thereof (such as conference proceedings).
  8. Student program and support: Outline a plan to engage and support students as well as early career academics and professionals in attendance and conference activities.
  9. Exhibition: Outline arrangements for an exhibition that would attract all main producers of isotopes and suppliers to the isotope industry.
  10. Government support: Indicate the nature and extent of anticipated support from and cooperation with local and national government agencies.
  11. International and national non-governmental organizations: Summarize the nature and extent of anticipated support from and collaboration with NGOs and international organizations.
  12. Local Organizing Committee: Outline the likely structure, composition and responsibilities of the organizing committee and any sub-committees.

Bids to host the 11th ICI should be sent to the Director of the WCI Secretariat, Mr. XXXXX , by XXXXX. Submissions received after this date is not guaranteed to be considered. Electronic/digital submissions are preferred (

Bidders may be requested to make a short (20 minute) presentation to, or participate in discussions with, the selection committee, during the course of the 10th ICI in Kuala Lumpur.

ICI Series held to date

1st ICI (1995)

Beijing, China

2nd ICI (1997)

Sydney, Australia

3rd ICI (1999)

Vancouver, Canada

4th ICI (2002)

Cape Town, South Africa

5th ICI (2005)

Brussels, Belgium

6th ICI (2008)

Seoul, Korea

7th ICI (2011)

Moscow, Russia

8th ICI (2014)

Chicago, USA

9th ICI (2017)

Doha, Qatar

10th ICI (2020)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia